Beer Night in San Diego! Episode 199 – Just the Spruce Tips


Beer Night in San Diego is back and all four horsemen are on the show again! Stoked! This week we do a mini holiday celebration with a couple of holiday beers while also sampling some new local beers. Plus, dont miss the brand new edition of Small Brewery Showcase, this weeks edition of New Can Alerts and we are joined by a special guest for the last half of the show. Tune in!

Beer Night in San Diego is back! Coming to you this week from our West Side Studio and all four horsemen are back again this week. We are also joined by a special guest towards the end of the show, good friend of the show Mr. Noah Scoville. This week is a bit of a free for all style show with a slight edge towards some Holiday style beers. While sampling a wide array of styles including some brand new can releases from San Diego, we get a report from Ryan who recently visited the brand new Russian River facility. We also dive into a brand new Small Brewery Showcase segment this week when we focus on the story and sample the first ever can release from Escondido Brewing Company. We also get an update on the first annual Celebration Bowl between Mike and Tom. Also, don’t miss out on our first New Can Alert segment in many weeks when we break down the upcoming releases in San Diego beer. All this plus much more including installing pneumatic tubes in your home to share beers with neighbors, complaining about 12 year old school work, Tom drinks out of the largest glass in our shows history, the boys sample a long sought after beer, recap of the Pizza Port Strong Ale Fest, the origin of the can roll and the return of pasta jokes. Plus, tons more. Don’t miss out!

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