Episode 258 – Beer To Go, Yeah Buddy!

This week with local, independent breweries now offering delivery, beer to go, online sales and curbside pickup, we decided to test out some of these new options to tell you, our listeners, how easy it is to safely support local breweries. Plus news, New Cans and tons more. Don’t miss out.

This week we are back again. Even the shut downs can’t keep us out of the game! (Truthfully, we record in a private, protected space. We are social distancing and taking precautions NOT in public.) This week the theme for our show is beers we could get from all the new options for local beer happening now. Tasting rooms are CLOSED (boo) but local independent breweries are now offering beer to go, curb side pick up, delivery and online ordering. So we tried out some of these new systems to tell you how easy they are to use and how effective they are in supporting local breweries. We tested the systems, and we are letting you know how they work and how YOU can utilize said systems to stock up on local beer and continue to support local. Which needs to happen now more than ever before. Plus, we discuss some local news stories and we break down upcoming can releases happening in town during New Beers with Mike! Plus we finish the show off with some dessert for a change. All this plus much more including new testing procedures in the studio, will these new delivery/online options continue after quarantine ends, ordering beer to be shipped, a host embarrasses himself, trying to curb some burger cravings, Mike tries to give away his segment and tons more. Tune in as we not only test out the new systems to show how easy it is to support local beer now more than ever, plus, we try to bring some normalcy, joy and entertainment to some scary times. Stay safe everyone.

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