Episode 259 – Indie Beer Will Never Die

We’re back this week similar to last episode – Supporting local, independent breweries while trying to bring some normalcy, joy and entertainment to everyone. Tune in as we drink more new San Diego beers acquired through new systems (delivery, to go, online ordering…) to show how easy and safe it it to support local. Plus News, New Cans and a new game show!

In an attempt to continue bringing a sense of normalcy, joy and entertainment to the world we are still here and we are dropping a brand new SD Beer episode for you! This week we are back with a similar theme as last week – Trying out and picking up local beers through the new systems available to consumers – Delivery, To Go, Online Ordering etc. to show just how easy and safe it is to still support local, independent businesses. Tune in as we sample some new releases and break down some local news including the unfortunate closing of a local brewery. Plus, we discuss shipping of out of town beers to San Diego and how easy it is becoming to access out of town beers. Plus, don’t miss out on this weeks edition of New Can Alerts plus in hope of entertaining you, our wonderful listeners, we present a game this week. Hop Varietal or Star Wars Planet! All this plus much more including crushing an entire fridge of beer during lock down, getting growler fills at a beer bar, we dive into some quality home brewed beers from Z Style Brewing, King vs Rattlesnake, Noah is introduced to Saved By The Bell, smoked meats and tons more. Tune in as we try to bring a small sense of normalcy to a crazy time, and hopefully some joy, entertainment and support for our local, independent breweries. (Yes this episode is Double Extra Large but what else do we all have to do? Sit back and listen!)

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