Episode 285 – Black is Beautiful 5

This week we celebrate our 5th edition of our Black is Beautiful showcase, diving into more local and from afar Black is Beautiful stout offerings. Plus we discuss local news and of course, don’t miss our latest edition of New Can Alerts – Where we share every upcoming canned and bottle release in San Diego.

This week we are back with our 5th edition of our Black is Beautiful showcase where we are excited to sit down and open even more local and out of town Black is Beautiful releases that are all supporting ending racism, police brutality and more around the world. We also dive into 2 of the latest releases from a quick favorite brewing company here at BNISD – Crowns and Hops – Including their 8 Trill Pils which is raising money to support black entrepreneurs. We also dive into this weeks edition of News and of course, don’t miss our long running segment New Can Alerts – Where you will hear the best and most comprehensive list of upcoming and new canned and bottled releases in San Diego beer. All this plus much more including flight etiquette and leaning back seats, Disney songs and enjoyment of Pixar stuff, a hosts secret life in the circus, favorite beers at Stone’s Rare Beer Dinner, music and beer collaborations, excited about wings and we sample and discuss a special upcoming pastry stout release coming out this week. Tune in to laugh and learn with us.

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