Episode 328 – Extra Innings Hawaiian Style

This week BNISD takes you to the islands for an extra innings, Hawaiian Style. Tune in as the crew samples some Hawaiian beverages and discusses all things Hawaii. Aloha.

This week the BNISD Crew jumps in a jet plane and takes off on a Hawaiian adventure just for you. Tune in as we dive into some Hawaii local beverages from their local beer to canned cocktails. Plus, get an inside look at the independent and local beverage scene on Maui as Noah brings back some great offerings for us to sample. This week, you will be transported to Island time so strap in for a fun episode. All this plus much more including proper attire for island vacation, we get attacked by a bat and Noah becomes a vampire for eternity, replacing divots in golf, text messaging etiquette, access to brewing ingredients to the Islands, old shrimp and the first ginger flavored drink one host has ever enjoyed. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

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