Episode 338 – BNiSD AM Edition

This week BNiSD gets hit with some audio issues when the mixer acts up. So we present an AM edition of the show. Better than nothing! Tune in as we sample killer new beers and have a blast while doing so.

Don’t adjust your dials, folks, this week the BNiSD Crew presents an AM edition. And NOT by choice. An issue with the mixing board means the show will sound *a bit* different. But the show must go on, lets rock n roll. Tune in as the crew shares and discusses some sweet newly released beers including some fun and highly anticipated collaborations. Also, we discuss a couple of fun and exciting stories and topics happening in the world of San Diego beer. All this plus much more including an unfortunate sound issue (sorry), dunking things in beer, poems and nursery rhymes, classic comedy, opening a brewery in a new state and tons more fun. Tune in to laugh + (hopefully) learn with us this week. And we promise – The weird sound issue WILL be fixed for next weeks show.

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