Episode 345 – Best Of BNiSD – Gateway Beers

Tune in this week for a Beer Night Rewind! This week, due to life getting in the way, we bring you a special Best Of BNiSD from way back in the day! An episode you may have missed when the BNiSD Crew discusses our very own gateway beers! Tune in for all the fun!

This weeks BNiSD is a little bit different as we bring you a special “Best Of BNiSD”, presenting an episode from yesteryear. Or, a few years ago at least. Tune in as you may have missed this one – Gateway Beers! Whenever we host a guest, we always ask about the beer that made them love beer. So, tune in as the BNiSD crew sits down to dive into our own gateway beers. Tune in as we sample and discuss the stories behind the beers that made us fall in love with the world of great, local, independent beer. Plus, we discuss some of the long lost, out of production local favorites that helped in our beer journey. Also, we dive into another extreme edition of The Scoville Unit. All this plus much more including moms always know best, wearing rings, why a certain beer means more this year than previous years, we discuss a couple lesser known and/or new hops, we sample the new 2020 Capital of Craft IPA and tons more. Tune in to laugh and learn with BNISD! Tune in to laugh and learn in this special “Best of” episode of BNiSD!

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