Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 41 – Diamond Lakes and TERROR!

It is Halloween time yet again! And this year for Three B SCREAM Podcast we invite the boys from local band Diamond Lakes to join us on this night of comedy and horror! Hear all about their debut EP Modern Horrors out November 1st, we discuss the worst way to die in gruesome detail and much more while we drink local and non local craft beer. Possibly our funniest, and most terrifying episode yet!

Its Halloween! And to celebrate we bring back Three B SCREAM for Episode 41 and invite the boys of local band Diamond Lakes along! Before things take a turn for the terrifying, we discuss Diamond Lakes and their upcoming debut EP Modern Horrors and their EP release show. Plus hear a song from the brand new record and hear how the band came to be and some exclusive news regarding their debut release, how you can get it and what comes with each purchase! Plus, hear us discuss Taylor Swift and read some T. Swift tweets from Three B Zine, hear a horrifying story involving two guests and a spicy food trip and we discuss modern local radio and do some role playing based on typical request lines. Then, for Three B SCREAM we discuss the absolute WORST ways to die in gruesome detail, we discuss who would be the most pathetic embarrassing movie villain to kill you and hear a 100% true nightmare that became a reality! Even with all this, you will hear us discuss goofball toys we had as kids and we sample and talk about both Grapefruit Sculpin by Ballast Point and Lagunitas IPA plus MUCH more. Three B Zine Podcast is WAY more than just Beer, Bands and Bites…

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Opening track – “Relax” by Chess Wars. From their debut record, PEACE. Available now!

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Necessary Links for Episode 41

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