Episode 318 – The Scoville Takeover

Tune in this week as BNISD becomes a family affair! This week we host a Scoville Takeover as we sit down with Noah’s Dad and Brother to sample some “uncool” beers. Tune in!

This week BNISD has not one, not two – But THREE Scoville family members sitting in on the show! Tune in as our guests this week are none other than Noah’s Dad Steve and Brother Isaac. Tune in as we celebrate the “Uncool Beers” show where we bring underrepresented styles to share with our guests. Plus, hear all about gateway beers, changing tastes in beer, we go deep on a couple of beer styles including lagers, trappist beers and brown ales plus tons more fun. Don’t miss a super duper special episode all about hanging out and chatting about beers. Also, don’t miss Noah’s most uncomfortable Does He Noah Bout It ever and we tune in to some “Weird News” for this week. And tons more including the first beer we all bought when we turned 21 including an uncomfortable 21st birthday story, wildlife attacks yet again, the Peanuts, we discuss the world of baseball, the beer scene in Baltimore, bailing on a wedding to buy a sandwich, we sample a beer we didn’t want – and didn’t like, coming up with tasting notes on beers and tons more. Tune in to hear this weeks BNISD – It is truly a family affair!

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