Episode 319 – Tropical Island Night

Join BNISD for some summer fun as we dive into tropical beers this week. Plus some fun news and a new edition of Does He Noah Bout It. Tune in for a raging good time.

BNISD is back and this week, with the heat and humidity in San Diego we dive head first into a tropical themed evening. Tune in as we enjoy many tropical style beers recently released in San Diego. Plus we discuss what makes tropical flavors in beer something that excites us and discuss tropical beers both with and without fruit additions. Also, we discuss some news type topics locally and beyond including a ridiculous story that spread like wild fire, some metal inspired beers and the most explosive and exciting news the team has discussed in a very long time. Plus, don’t miss Noah’s best score yet in a new edition of Does He Noah Bout It. All this plus much more including BNISD being sponsored by ACME, hard to read can labels, summer coming to an end, how much it sucks chopping mangos, we disagree about one specific beer, bad games, pager codes and tons more. Tune in for a good time.

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