Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 151 – Brewbies and Bagby Beer Part 1

Its our favorite time of the year folks! Our Annual Brewbies Show at Bagby Beer is here! This year its bigger and better than ever so we stretched it into TWO shows! Tune in to Part 1 when we are joined by Melanie Pierce, Shaney Jo Darden and Dande Bagby to discuss the 9th Annual Brewbies Festival happening February 10th at Bagby Beer! And dont miss Part 2 next week!

Beer Night in San Diego is back and this week we are excited to bring to you our yearly Brewbies Fest Podcast and this year its a super duper sized Two Part Show! We are joined by great friends Melanie Pierce, Dande Bagby and Shaney Jo Darden to discuss all the great things happening at the 9th Annual Brewbies Festival Happening at Bagby Beer in Oceanside – Benefitting Keep a Breast Foundation. Tune in to hear the history of Brewbies Fest from idea through where we are today, the possible history of Brewbies as well as history on Keep a Breast and how it has worked to help educate young people. We discuss where the 100% of the proceeds from the event will be used to continue educating young people on cancer prevention all around the world. We also dive into some deep discussion on very important health statistics specifically about breast cancer, what YOU need to know about your own health and what men can do to help support the health of the women in their lives while promoting health and awareness. Of course we also dive into the details of the 9th Annual Brewbies Festival as well, folks. Hear about some of the breweries that will be in attendance including the announcement of some NEW breweries attending in 2018 and an inside look at the crucial planning process for this incredible event. Hear about the signature PINK beers that will be coming to the festival this year including a game changer from our friends at Lost Abbey. Also, hear what styles haven’t been made into a pink beer for Brewbies and what style they would love to make pink for a future event. This leads into some “hazy beer” discussion as well, so hear our guest’s thoughts on this “new to California” style of beer and if it will make an appearance at Brewbies. We end Part 1 by answering a question from a guest about all of our “gateway beers”. Plus hear us discuss some food items and some taste testing on the show of some brand new food from Bagby Beer. All this plus much more including discussion on adding fruit to beers, the end of Warped Tour, how you can get involved with Keep a Breast including a great fundraiser idea by the Three B Crew, funny beer names, jacuzzi parties, french fry cooking techniques, a live hop counter and much more. Tune in next week for Part 2 to hear MORE about Brewbies 2018, how you can get involved in helping others and all the great new things happening at Bagby Beer!

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