Episode 308 – We See You We Hear You We Support You

This is not the same BNISD you have come to know. We can’t sit back and be silent, and neither can you. It’s time to speak up against sexism, sexual assault, racism and hate in our community.

This is not the typical BNISD you have come to know and expect. We have all read the horrific, disgusting and appalling stories that have come to light in the last week. Brienne Allan aka @RatMagnet on Instagram put up a question asking Women to share their stories regarding sexism in the workplace. Disclaimer – Yes on this episode the hosts are 3 men in the world of beer, and we believe that we can’t sit back and be silent on these issues – And neither should you. The industry has been silent for too long and the silence needs to end now. So this week we present to you this episode in hopes that more men will see that it is necessary to speak out against sexism, sexual assault, racism, LGBTQ+ hate and stand with survivors, support survivors and be a part of the change desperately needed for women in this industry, far and wide and through out the world. We hope that you will sit down, listen and learn from these stories and we hope that our words can be a small piece of encouragement to women across the globe who have suffered. We want you to know – We see you, we hear you and we support you.

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